I know it makes me somewhat of an oddball, but I loved studying Latin in my school days. Call me a swot! Well, flocci non facio!

Starting off like so many fellow Latinists with Caecilius in Pompeii, I grappled with tenses, conjugations and purpose clauses to GCSE before spending some quality time with Ovid, Cicero, Virgil, Catullus and the rest at A-level. I took the Latin paper in Part One of the Cambridge English Tripos and whilst reading for my MA at the University in York I dabbled in medieval Latin.

Outside of academia I was keen to somehow keep up my Latin. Offering private tuition looked a promising avenue and since 2010 I've helped several students improve their confidence and ability in the subject.

Should you want to brush up on your ablative absolutes my profile is on a few tuition websites, including this one.