The Necessary Bio



I am an editor and features journalist based in south-east London, Blackheath to be particular, Blackheath Standard to be pedantic.

First and foremost, I am the editor of New Design, a bi-monthly magazine for professionals (plus many students and no doubt some enthusiastic amateurs) in the world of product and industrial design.

The magazine is published by Media Culture - a company which I run alongside my father Steve Welch. We publish a number of further titles (including Engineering, Energy Engineering, and Low Carbon Vehicle Engineering) for which I frequently write features.

Topics I have covered include: design consultancy, brand design, automotive design, product development, design education, software, 3D printing, advanced manufacturing, Industry 4.0, low carbon vehicles, autonomous vehicles, virtual and augmented reality, renewable energy, energy policy and regulation, Brexit, innovation strategy and many more.

You might call it a side hustle, others might say moonlighting. I prefer portfolio career. Whatever the nomenclature, it’s a millennial trope to have more than one line of work. I’m no different. On top of the magazines I work part-time in the sports betting industry and offer tuition for GCSE and A level students studying Latin.